Critical Care Transport Paramedic

Baldwin Area EMS provides Critical Care Transport Paramedic (CCTP) services. This mode of transport is ideal for all patients that require intensive care monitoring, practice, and concepts during transport. Our CCTP team has had additional education and clinical experience in providing care to critically ill patient and those requiring intensive care level support during transport.

Our Continuous Quality Improvement Program members and Medical Director review every critical care transport to provide accurate and continuous evaluation of the quality of care that our CCTP Paramedic staff provides.

Our critical care transport team has advanced training in the areas of:

• Cardiology

• Pulmonology

• Neurology

• Obstetrics

• Pediatrics

• Trauma Care

Our critical care transport team provides:

• Arterial Line monitoring

• Central line maintenance

• Vaso-active medications

• Multiple IV medications

• Chest tube maintenance


• Advanced airway management protocols

• Ventilator Unit


• Continuing medicated infusions

• 12-Lead

• Maintenance of TPN and Lipids

• Blood product initiation and infusions

• IABP (requires additional staff)