We take great pride on our people, our service to the community, and our fleet of vehicles.

The Village of Baldwin has allowed us to keep our equipment up to date serving the needs of the district we cover and aiding neighboring services as requested.

We invest time and money into keeping the vehicles in top condition in order to provide life saving care.

We provide a tiered response to 9-1-1 calls through a on duty Paramedic who responds immediately to 9-1-1 calls or requests for intercept Paramedic to one of four EMT services, while our on call crews respond from home or work to the ambulance station to bring one of four modern ambulances to the scene to begin care, treatment and transport. 

5601 2019 Ford F550 Ambulance Road Rescue

5602 2018 Ford F450 Ambulance Road Rescue

5603 2011 Ford E450 Ambulance Road Rescue

5604 2008 Ford E450 Ambulance Road Rescue

Medic 56 - 2019 Ford Police Interceptor

Medic 54 - 2010 Ford F250 Super Duty

Medic 53 - 2021 Ford Police Interceptor

5610 2015 - Kubota UTV