Health Information

Links to health subjects listed. American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, American Cancer Association.

If you believe you might be having a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 right away and let us evaluate your condition, do not waste time on the internet trying to diagnose your condition.

If there is concern but not an emergency, see a physician or call an emergency nurse 715.684.3311

Blood pressure

Blood Sugar/Diabetes



Heart Attack Warning Signs

Heart Attack recovery


Live well, Get Active

Blood Pressure Checks FREE

Stop by our station

We offer free Blood Pressure checks at our EMS station in Baldwin any Wednesday or Friday morning between 8:30AM and 11:30AM, we'll check your blood pressure and provide you with a card to track your results and share with your Doctor. Simply come to main entrance on the west side of the building and ring the door bell. (If there is no answer our crews maybe out on a rescue call, please stop back later).